6 Things You Should Know about Facelift Surgery

6 Things You Should Know about Facelift Surgery

One of the most controversial beauty procedures is facelift. Yes, it sounds very scary because your skin will have to undergo cutting before getting stitched up again. A recovery time of at least two weeks is also required. But, just think about the fact that every time you look in the mirror, you will not see any problems with your face. You will not have to worry about sagging skin, turkey waddle and loose jowls for the next ten to twelve years. It is truly a life changing procedure and these are the 6 things you need to know about facelift surgery before you go under the knife:

It is about selecting the right surgeon

In the last ten years, facelift techniques have seen a major improvement and most surgeons possess good technical abilities. However, the difference is between the aesthetic judgments of the surgeon. It is up to them to decide how much fat is to be added or removed and how the face is sculpted. Therefore, you need to choose the right one because you don’t want to look overdone and unnatural.

Find the best surgeon for your facelift

Magazines and the internet are not good sources to find a surgeon for your facelift surgery. The best way to locate one is with referrals from friends who have had a personal experience with them. Likewise, you shouldn’t rely on commercials either because they are just clever disguises.

Decide what you want

Facelift is no longer about just tightening the skin. In most cases, facelift surgery has more to do with skin resurfacing with a peel, restoring volume and doing Botox, all at the same time. It is essential for you to understand what you are looking for. You can see some interesting details in this regard at Botox in New York. Make a list of all the issues that you want fixed and talk it out with a surgeon.

The ideal age of facelift

You don’t have to be old to think about getting a facelift. The ideal age of this surgery is between mid to late forties. At this age, women are socially active, are in good shape and have careers. If you decide to undergo facelift surgery right now, it will be about maintenance and this will enable you to look good for the next decade or so.

You still have to take care of yourself

Facelift is surely a quick fix to all your ageing issues, but you still have to maintain the results and this can be done by following a proper diet, protecting yourself from the sun and exercising. Before you undergo facelift surgery, it is recommended that you lose any excess weight you have and get in the best shape possible. You should also quit smoking because it is unhealthy for your skin and will only delay healing.

You are still who you were

You need to keep your expectations in check when it comes to facelift surgery. The procedure is not going to change you at all. It just takes you back to your old self physically, but you are still the same person and you shouldn’t expect more of it, except a little boost in confidence.

You should be aware of all these facts before you decide to opt for facelift surgery in order to look young and fit.